The Significance of Saying "I Love You"

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2018

I just wanted to share a short video with you that some Muslim youth made about saying “I Love You” to their parents and I think you should see the reactions and the emotions from both the parents and the children.

Just take a few minutes to watch it because it will drive home the importance of those three words and the effect is has on our children’s hearts (and ours too).

After you watch the video, let your child(ren) know how much you love them and make a special dua for them. Our courses and trainings are about building love and influence based on Islam and nothing will work until you as a parent touch the heart of your child in sha Allah.

Talk soon and I pray Allah makes your children a coolness for your eyes and means for you to enter the highest ranks of jannah, ameen.

Your brother and fellow parent,

Nazir binNaseeb

Author of Muslims Parenting on Purpose Vol. 1

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Shaping the Islamic Identity... Part 1

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2018

Bismilah Ar Rahmaan Ar Raheem

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

How would you answer the question, who are you? Some people say I’m a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher while some say I’m an Arab, Desi, American, a housewife, I’m only a mother, or any number of things. How people describe themselves many times is a reflection of how they feel about themselves and in the case of our children, we want them to radiate high self esteem and feel incredible about who they are!

The challenge is how to help craft an identity and strong personality in our children which isn’t as difficult as it sounds if you start early. I think you should become a farmer. No not the kind that toils in a field which is essential to healthy eating but one that toils something more precious because the soil is more valuable. I want you to till your children’s brains and how they view themselves.

As parents we see how verbal abuse can damage a person’s perception of themselves and...

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Parenting Special Needs Children

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2018

By Tunde Brazlik

Being a parent is truly a blessing, but it comes with a great deal of responsibility as well.

When Allah blesses you with that little bundle of joy, you as a parent have so much hope for them. You plan their whole life before they are even born. You pick their schools, their careers, and you are even able to imagine how your grandkids will be running around you while visiting with you. It is beautiful to imagine as they grow older, get wiser and become more responsible.

This dream can be shattered when one has a special needs child. Regardless of the disability, or I would rather say “different ability”, the task is challenging. Not just because the parent needs to pay more attention to the child, help them more physically and emotionally, but now they also have to protect them from society. They have to think about the future of their child when they are no longer there to be able to help and support them.

Being a special need child’s caretaker...

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Mom being a "Celebrity" at the doctor's office Part 2

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2018

(Part 1 - click here)

Part 2...

So by this time we had waited for a little over 2 hours and the children were getting tired- they ate and read and observed passers by and had enough. Alhamdoulilah we had some more people join us. This was a family of 5 and Alhamdoulilah they had 3 children. (I needed this distraction desperately for my own children). They greeted us with Assalamu Alaikum and I soon learned that they were from Morocco, a Country dear to my heart as my hubby comes from there. Their children were aged 3, 6 and nine- all girls Masha Allah. We began conversing and they asked me if I was learning Arabic. I said that I had actually recently finished an amazing book called Nourania Qaida-it should be done with a teacher but they should not have a problem teaching it. With my very broken Arabic, they of course did not know book that was. I was happy to spell it for them and the husband was happy to look it up on his phone. He said that even though they knew Arabic they...

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Mom being a "Celebrity" at the doctor's office Part 1

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2018

Everyone we meet, every experience we have is a gift from Allah. A moment in time to learn, a moment to teach, a moment to be grateful. We just need to open our eyes and hearts to these moments and get the most out of them.

As parents we all dread the times when our child gets seriously injured. Not a scrape on the leg, or a bruised knee, but those dreadful open wounds. This is exactly what happened recently to my 5 and a half year old son. One night as we were all just quieting down- getting ready for our bedtime routine, Omar was being his regular full of energy self- he ran into the kitchen and fell down and hit his head on the corner of the wall and voila his cries told me that  this was not an ordinary fall. There was blood….This fall warranted a trip to the hospital where daddy and son stayed the whole night waiting for two stitches. Omar was pretty brave Alhamdoulilah, his only tears were the ones he cried at home…Knowing him… his curiosity about...

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Imagine your child.... Part 2

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2018

Allah t’ala says in Surah Tahreem 66:6

O you who believe, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones, over which are [appointed] angels, harsh and severe; they do not disobey Allah in what He commands them but do what they are commanded. Quran 66:6

Many times, as Muslims, our priorities are not in the proper order. We strive to take care of our families financially, which is commendable, we strive for higher education, which is commendable, and we strive for knowledge and recreation, which can also be commendable. But is it commendable if it is at the risk of losing your children to the pull of Shaytaan? Would you trade your child for the luxuries of this life? Would you trade your children for status and a degree? I highly doubt parents intend to disempower their children, but many of the problems plaguing our Islamic communities show the same end result.

The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “When a man dies,...

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Imagine your child.... Part 1

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2018

Imagine changing your life and having your own mother and father reject and ridicule you for leaving the religion they taught you since you were young. Imagine adapting to a new lifestyle that regulated the type of food you eat and how you dress when you leave the home. Imagine getting married while you are young in order to obey your Lord and stay chaste.

Now picture being blessed with a beautiful son that you name Abdullah because he is a servant of Allah, the first Muslim born in generations. You promise yourself that you will do whatever it takes to raise your son to be strong on his deen and fight the challenges he will face as he grows up. Imaging life getting in the way and 16 years later this son is now taller than you, strong is his body, and also strong in his mind. You want to be proud but you can only cry as he has told you and your spouse that he doesn’t believe in Islam or Allah and is going to do his own thing… Imagine you then asking yourself,...

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