Mom being a "Celebrity" at the doctor's office Part 2

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Part 2...

So by this time we had waited for a little over 2 hours and the children were getting tired- they ate and read and observed passers by and had enough. Alhamdoulilah we had some more people join us. This was a family of 5 and Alhamdoulilah they had 3 children. (I needed this distraction desperately for my own children). They greeted us with Assalamu Alaikum and I soon learned that they were from Morocco, a Country dear to my heart as my hubby comes from there. Their children were aged 3, 6 and nine- all girls Masha Allah. We began conversing and they asked me if I was learning Arabic. I said that I had actually recently finished an amazing book called Nourania Qaida-it should be done with a teacher but they should not have a problem teaching it. With my very broken Arabic, they of course did not know book that was. I was happy to spell it for them and the husband was happy to look it up on his phone. He said that even though they knew Arabic they wanted a system to teach their young ones. I also mentioned a great tool that I am using to help improve pronunciation in the form of an electronic pen. It was a gift to me from Simply Islam and it comes with a Quran which the pen can read word by word, Ayah by Ayah or Surah by Surah. It also comes with a shorter version of the Nourania Qaida. They were so pleased to hear this and took down all the information. At this point I was seriously thinking that these encounters were just so beneficial. Then Omar came next to me and whispered “the dreaded question” “Mommy she is Muslim, why doesn’t she wear Hijab??” Alhamdoulilah he was quiet enough that the others did not hear. And Alhamdoulilah that he understands my eye language and gestures very well. I told him we would talk later. Our conversation continued on to the topic of home schooling which was new to them and so I happily offered them some information. Then out of the blue the really nice mother looked at me and said “you know soon I will wear the Hijab too”. I cannot describe the goose bumps and feelings of happiness that I felt for this woman. I just kept repeating Insha Allah, Alhamdoulilah…..Finally it was our turn, but just before we left, we exchanged numbers.

Omar was with the Doctor for a total of 5 minutes but our day as a whole was  a very special one indeed. It is important to note at this point-had my husband stayed with us for the visit- I am not sure that I would have been as talkative as I was to these strangers. I “may” have been focused on him and talking only to him. The fact that the office was closed the night before to me was a blessing. Allah of course knows best. As we left the Doctors office I was so happy to let Omar know what the lady “without” the Hijab told me…That she would wear it soon In sha Allah. He smiled wide and seemed very pleased with this information. Then my 3 year old had her own opinion about the matter she said the following “It is because she saw you wearing the Hijab Mommy”. This just blew my mind. To be clear, I don’t think that I on my own influence anyone, I am just trying to be a good influence to my children-and even that turns out a mess sometimes. I do believe that Allah SWT uses us as tools to perhaps influence others and the same is true of the people that we meet. That being said, the fact that my daughter is slowly realizing that the way we dress and behave can have an impact on others,,,now that is pretty powerful knowledge to have. In teaching our children the proper dress, proper manners, proper conduct and then having them realize that they can have a positive impact on others- we can change the world by Allah’s will. 

No one comes into our lives by chance, they may have a positive or negative influence on us and in the end it is all a test from our Creator. We need to keep our eyes wide open to the lessons that we can learn, lessons that we can teach our children, in the end I find myself thinking of the old saying - “it takes a village to raise a child”, with my own twist-the people we meet, our family members, and friends have things to teach us- both good and bad and we can learn from both. In what to do and what not to do, in how we should behave and not behave, how we should dress and not dress. All of this gives us an opportunity as parents to guide and teach our children. (Of course we have the best example in our beloved Prophet Saws- who was the best in conduct and manners). We also have lessons to teach, words to share, a responsibility to be the best that we can be in our conduct, our manners, and dress…Who knows who’s lives we will touch by Allah’s will. In the end we must never forget one crucial thing- Our children are watching and learning!

I pray that all of our children are protected and  guided throughout their lives on the straight path, that they always hold tightly to the rope of Allah and that they make a positive difference in the lives of others. Ameen. I pray that they are a source of coolness to all of your eyes. Ameen. May their greatest influences be the pious people of the past and you their parents who strive everyday to teach them well and be nothing less than “OUTSTANDING”!

by Umm Omar

jazakAllahu khayr,

Nazir binNaseeb

Author of Muslims Parenting on Purpose Vol. 1

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