Meet the Parents Behind Outstanding Muslim Parents

Coach Nazir is the author of Muslims Parenting On Purpose Vol. 1 and father of 10 biological children as well as bonus-dad of two bonus children (step-children). After accepting Islam in America in the mid 1990’s, he decided that he wanted to be the best husband and father he could be and that meant raising his children in a way they would hold firm to Islam and be confident with their iman. Outstanding Muslim Parents was founded after finding there was a lack of Islamic parenting resources and practical education on raising confident, strong, righteous children in the West. Coach Nazir has developed several programs including a parenting television series that aired on Huda TV that you can watch on our channel. You can learn more about OMP’s programs by subscribing to the weekly newsletter or blog at


Coach Fatimah has been married to Coach Nazir for over 27 years and they have 7 children together. She has been instrumental in the development of Outstanding Muslim Parents. With over 10 years training experience and extensive knowledge in early childhood and curriculum development, homeschooling and virtual schooling experience, her trainings have proven to be impactful and effective. In addition to being in fashion and an entrepreneur, she mentors many young women and new parents on femininity and turning a house into a home.


Coach Nyla has been married to Coach Nazir for 12 years and they have 3 children together along with 2 bonus children. Many of our families are blended whether it’s due to divorce, single parenting, widowed, or families that practice polygyny, she brings a unique perspective to her trainings. She also has extensive experience in early childhood and curriculum development in addition to authoring a book on natural health and beauty. She also is a proponent of healthy home birthing as her youngest three sons were all born at home.

"Don’t make the mistake many have made by not preparing and investing in themselves for this great task. This is a great program that helps you get started at being “Outstanding Parents.”"

Eddie R.
The DEEN Show Host

"Brother Nazir is a dad of 10, ma sha Allah and obviously knows a lot about parenting. He is someone I trust and respect and I think we can all learn from him!"

Saiyyidah Z.
Positive Psychologist, Certified High Performance Coach, Entrepreneur

"Nazir and what he teaches is fantastic. As a mother of 7, my husband and I struggle like all parents and it's great to know people like Nazir and his family because they give us great insight into a child's mind and emotional make-up, mashaAllah."

Charity B.
Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur

"Every now and then I come across a book of impact. Muslims Parenting on Purpose Vol. 1 is a book that will deliver results. I've known Brother Nazir and his willingness to research, test, and then share his results is unquestioned! If you're a parent or will soon become one, get this book!"

Asmar T.
CEO of KCTownes Holdings

"As a wife, mother of three, and entrepreneur I know firsthand how out of control things can get! I like the way OMP teaches and the practical steps I've learned to take as my husband and I work at raising our beautiful daughters."

Hafizah I.
Founder of Children of Jannah

"I'm glad I came across OMP while my children are still young! I'm so excited to have this as a resource and love sharing with my friends."

Sumbul T.
Entrepreneur, London, UK

"OMP has opened my eyes to a more holistic way of parenting that I truly love. Amazing is the one world I would use to describe them!"

Keanue F.
Founder of Sincerely Keanue

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