The High Cost of Low Self-Esteem

This FREE White Paper helps Muslim parents find out causes of low self-esteem and provides solutions to the problem. Download your White Paper at NO COST now.


Muslims Parenting on Purpose Vol.1


This is Outstanding Muslim Parents first book. It's a guide for parents to help with understanding the fundamentals of parenting and building children's identities.


How to Talk About President Trump

The US has entered a new period and this FREE Report help you and your children make sense of what's going on. Muslims are concerned.


Free 3 Part Parenting Course

I put together a 3 Part Parenting Series that teaches parents how to raise children with a strong identity

Outstanding Muslim Parents Training Programs

This program incorporates Nazir's television show and high level workshops complete with worksheets over a six week period.

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This 16 module course helps lay the foundation for parenting with excellence and teaches how to set standards for our families.

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Over FIVE Hours of High level parenting strategy integrating human psychology, goal setting, and actionable information.

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This FREE Course helps establish parents in the fundamentals of parenting and gives great parenting info for children ages 2 - 19

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What others are saying....

Nazir and what he teaches is fantastic. As a mother of 7, my husband and I struggle like all parents and it's great to know people like Nazir and his family because they give us great insight into a child's mind and emotional make-up, mashaAllah.

Brother Nazir is a dad of 9, ma sha Allah and obviously knows a lot about parenting. He is someone I trust and respect and I think we can all learn from him!

“The gift of having children is a great trust and responsibility! We have to learn and invest in ourselves so we can live up to being Outstanding Parents.

Don’t make the mistake many have made by not preparing and investing in themselves for this great task. A great program that helps you get started at being “Outstanding Parents.”

Every now and then I come across a book of impact. Muslims Parenting on Purpose Vol. 1 is a book that will deliver results. I've known Brother Nazir and his willingness to research, test, and then share his results is unquestioned! If you're a parent or will soon become one, get this book!


As a wife, mother of three, and entrepreneur I know firsthand how out of control things can get! I like the way OMP teaches and the practical steps I've learned to take as my husband and I work at raising our beautiful daughters.

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