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Nazir binNaseeb Al-Mujaahid is one of the world's groundbreaking parenting trainers. He authored 'Muslims Parenting on Purpose Volume 1' to help Muslim parents raise their children with a focus on their Islamic identity. He's been a full time husband over 24 years and has raised 10 children using a unique parenting system he's developed over several years while living in the United States. His passion to help other parents developed out of his love for personal development and family and simultaneously his disgust with seeing so many Muslim children leave their practice of Islam lured away by the many distractions presented in today's society. He believes the solution lies in being proactive versus reactive and disregarding the trial and error parenting method.

He produced and hosted the first of its kind Muslim television show dedicated soley to parenting called "Outstanding Parents" which aired for two seasons on Huda TV. He's traveled all throughout the US and internationally conducting workshops for parents who desire to be more intentional with their parenting. He's also created several parenting training programs which include a 6 Week DVD Home Study course, 6 CD Audio courses, and several online programs to serve audiences all throughout the world. Muslims Parenting on Purpose Volume 2 is expected to be released in February 2020. He's conducted seminars at masajid, universities, community centers, camps, and works heavily in his local community with parents of 'at risk' youth, both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Featured Programs

Inner Circle Monthly Membership Program

Monthly LIVECASTS + Q&A, Bonuses, Giveaways and more

Every month members will have the ability to join the exclusive Online Interactive LIVECAST from where ever these is an internet connection. Recordings, worksheets, downloads, and more will be inside your Private Member's Only area. Private email address is also available for Inner Circle Members.



Get deep dive training by Nazir binNaseeb over 6 weeks

This is your opportunity to receive the high level parenting training. Gain the transformation and education needed to understand your children's needs. Learn how belief systems are created, the latest on neuroscience and the brain, how behaviors may be conditioned, and how to have more positive influence with your parenting.


Outstanding Parenting Fundamentals Workshop

Learn the fundamentals in a few quick hours

This is a deep dive course into the Outstanding Parenting 3X3 Framework. The 3C's (Celebrity, Confidant,Coach), 3E's (Engage, Equip, Empower), and 3 Stages (Years 1-7, 8-12, and Teens) are the most important roles, rules, and processes parents can use in today's world. This course helps bring parents up to speed quickly.


Setting High Standards and Laying the Foundation

Full Deep Dive Audio Course

Learn the techniques and strategies to create F.A.M Goals with your family, conflict resolution, psychology basics, increase your influence, rewards, discipline versus punishment, and more with this course. In almost 6 hours this course packs a major punch and can be streamed over and over and learning is enhanced with worksheets.


10 Point Winning Parents Checklist

23 minute practical application BONUS audio included

This simple checklist helps increase a parent's awareness so that you can be more effective win parenting! Learn to implement simple yet profound tactics with your children that will fulfill their emotional and nurturing needs while also allowing you to have fun. As a BONUS, we've included a 23 minute audio about the practical application of the 10 Ways to Become Outstanding Checklist.


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The training and resources in this gift help you get started on your path to becoming outstanding. Feel free to watch, learn, and implement so that you are being proactive instead of reactive.


Featured Books

Muslims Parenting on Purpose, Volume 1

Learn how to go from average to outstanding following OMP's processes and parenting strategies

The first of its kind parenting book directed at Muslim parents to assist in raising their children with a strong Islamic identity while living in the West. This volume helps broaden a parent's understanding of their children as they grow through their three stages of childhood and also broadens parents skills so they can be more effective in each stage.


"Don’t make the mistake many have made by not preparing and investing in themselves for this great task. This is a great program that helps you get started at being “Outstanding Parents.”"

Eddie R.
The DEEN Show Host

"Brother Nazir is a dad of 10, ma sha Allah and obviously knows a lot about parenting. He is someone I trust and respect and I think we can all learn from him!"

Saiyyidah Z.
Positive Psychologist, Certified High Performance Coach, Entrepreneur

"Nazir and what he teaches is fantastic. As a mother of 7, my husband and I struggle like all parents and it's great to know people like Nazir and his family because they give us great insight into a child's mind and emotional make-up, mashaAllah."

Charity B.
Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur

"Every now and then I come across a book of impact. Muslims Parenting on Purpose Vol. 1 is a book that will deliver results. I've known Brother Nazir and his willingness to research, test, and then share his results is unquestioned! If you're a parent or will soon become one, get this book!"

Asmar T.
CEO of KCTownes Holdings

"As a wife, mother of three, and entrepreneur I know firsthand how out of control things can get! I like the way OMP teaches and the practical steps I've learned to take as my husband and I work at raising our beautiful daughters."

Hafizah I.
Founder of Children of Jannah

"I'm glad I came across OMP while my children are still young! I'm so excited to have this as a resource and love sharing with my friends."

Sumbul T.
Entrepreneur, London, UK

"OMP has opened my eyes to a more holistic way of parenting that I truly love. Amazing is the one world I would use to describe them!"

Keanue F.
Founder of Sincerely Keanue
Free DOWNLOAD of “The High Cost of Low Self-Esteem”:

Understand what Muslim parents are up against and how to win!


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