Muslims are missing the boat on Christmas... December 25th

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2018

December 25th is the biggest holiday in the West for non-Muslims. It is a consumerism frenzy and shirk at its greatest and unfortunately many Muslim parents don't know how to use Christmas to their advantage! What? Did I just say to their advantage?

Let me explain, during this time of the year, non-Muslim parents go out of their way to violate numerous moral principles and they usually do it against the ones that are defenseless, helpless, and trusting... yes, their own children.

Most non-Muslim parents that are Christian have forgotten how hurt, shocked, and betrayed they felt when they found out that Santa Claus wasn't real! As a former Christian, I was deeply hurt and couldn't believe how my father and mother lied to me for all those years with no apology. I felt betrayed and that was emotional pain that just multiplied when it came to the Easter bunny, tooth fairy, and other 'childhood tales'.

Those who celebrate Christmas and push the consumerism, materialism and debauchery...

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The Three C's Roles

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2018

bismillah arRahmaan arRaheem

We have been blessed with many different roles as parents and some roles are unique to our personal situation within our family structure and others are ones that we all share as parents be default.

We think that there are three very important roles that parents have by default and we have labeled them;


We think that you as a parent already have an idea of how these may apply to your life and it is our intention to not just elaborate how important these roles are but how to use them effectively at the right times so that your parenting is OUTSTANDING with the help of Allah.

A quick description of the 3 roles are as follows;

The CELEBRITY - We are the Superstars in our young child's life. When they are newborns, we are all they know and our simple presence gives them comfort. We are the only friends that they want even if there are siblings or other relatives. Mom is usually the main superstar in our child's...

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Why my family and I don't celebrate Thanksgiving...

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2018

Why my family and I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

When I began my search for the truth, I was a 16 year old who attended Christian school my entire life but I had my doubts. As I began to study the Bible more, I noticed how pagan holidays were simply replaced or absorbed by the Church in order to increase its following. I knew that whatever my search led me to, it had to be free of these things and stand on its own.

Studying the life of Malcolm X, I ended up sifting through elements like the Nation of Islam (Min. Farrakhan and/or Elijah Muhammad) until I finally came upon information about the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (sws). I began to study more and more and after reading Surah Ikhlas, I accepted Islam. Upon accepting Islam, I threw every holiday I ever participated in, religious, secular or otherwise in the trash and decided I’ll do my best to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (sws).

I began to explore the principles of Islam and saw many of them as...

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Uncategorized Nov 11, 2018

bismillah arRahmaan arRaheem

“Champions aren’t made in the ring, they are merely recognized there. What you cheat on in the early light of morning will show up in the ring under the bright lights.”

—Joe Frazier

I am a Coach that is developing Champions, given to me for a short time by Allah and I will do what I must to bring out the best in them because the best in them is from the best in me, alhamdulillah.

Many of us have benefited from a coach in one way or the other. Or we have seen great teams that have overcome obstacles to win through it all. There are Olympic games and coaches from all over the world that are able to display to most countries on the planet the results of their training through athletes. Though most of us are not raising Olympic athletes, we are raising something much more signigicant, we are raising believers in Allah.

I jokingly tell parents to be selfish and get good at being selfish! You can imagine the surprise on their faces...

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True Muslim Stories: Zayd Part 3

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2018

(If you missed Part II click here or Part I click here)

Staring out of the window and hearing the continual pleas of his mother to tell her what’s wrong, Zayd finally cracked. Though he was only silent for a few minutes in the car, it seemed like a lifetime. His voice cracked as he told his mother that something bad just happened. He said that he was hanging with his friend Jason, the one she didn’t like, and Jason told him about a situation that was going on with another guy who runs a street gang. Long story short, the leader of the gang was recently robbed and they think they know who did it.

Since Zayd was fascinated by the street life and was not experienced in the game, his friend Jason and the leader of the gang knew he’d be easy to influence because he would want to “prove” himself. Zayd informed his mother that somebody got hurt but he wasn’t the one that did it but he was there and that’s what all of the police were in the area...

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Uncategorized Oct 28, 2018

bismillah arRahmaan arRaheem

I empower and equip my child with knowledge that they don't understand yet because I am a Confidant.

One who is able and willing to expose the things that may not fit the status quo in hopes to create a deeper understanding in their children is what we consider a Confidant.

We naturally take on the role of the Confidant as we answer the questions by our little ones, especially when they ask us "why?" However this role is not one that stays as passive as simply answering a toddler’s questions. This role is very demanding and requires parents to continue to grow and get wisdom from their life's lessons.

One of the greatest satisfactions of the Confidant is that we get to experience the trust of our children and we see how the information we share with them may affect their thinking and behavior. Once we pull our children into the inner circle, we show them that we care about them, love them, and want them to understand things on a level that many...

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True Muslim Stories: Zayd Part 2

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2018

(If you haven't read Part I, click here)

Part II: I remember reading some troubling statistics in the “Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and Conflict, Vol. 2” which reads “in the 1500 hours of television U.S. children watch each year, they see primarily a violent face. The average child will see 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence before finishing elementary school. By the time that same person reaches high school graduation, he or she will have seen 18,000 murders and more than 250,000 acts of violence. The violence is “sanitized” – clean, neat, and tidy with no pain and suffering.”

Unfortunately I can see how those numbers add up. At 7 years old I had already seen the notorious movie Scarface with Al Pacino playing Tony Montana (1983) and who knows how many people he killed in his final scene. Movie classics like The Godfather (1972), Rambo (1982), Terminator (1984), Goodfellas (1990), Casino (1995), and others always showed...

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Uncategorized Oct 14, 2018

bismillah arRahmaan arRaheem

"I'm a Parent and I'm the first and most important CELEBRITY in my child's life"

I know, I know, some people have let us know that just saying the above statement makes them feel uncomfortable. It's okay, let me explain why I say that you are a celebrity and the most important one in your child's life.

First, we must understand that our children are simply a trust from Allah and they are under our care for a short time. We don't own them and we can't control them, not even before they are born. After the Angel blows their soul into their developing body and they begin to kick and move around inside the womb, Allah shows us how much we lack control. There is nothing a mother can do to not feel the pain of that baby moving and growing inside of her and Allah blesses her immensely.

However after this baby is born, it is Allah that has conditioned that baby to be attached to Mom and instinctively be able to eat. Think of how comfortable we are when our...

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True Muslim Stories: Zayd Part 1

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2018

bismillah arRahmaan arRaheem

I remember being at an iftaar and seeing this little baby crawling on the floor and biting his toys until he would be sent to his mother to nurse and take a nap. His name was Zayd (changed) and he was the son of an Arab brother I know and his wife who is a white American convert.

As time passed, we enjoyed many more eid gatherings, iftaars that were more crowded because of more babies being born, and lots of family outings in the park where we played sports, talked politics, ate good Arab food, and had fun. 

I was asked parenting questions because my daughters were a tad older than Zayd. Question like what my plan was regarding my daughters education. I informed my brothers that I planned to do things starkly different than how I was raised because I wasn’t raised Muslim and plus I hold a philosophy that schooling is much different than education.  

I didn’t have a plan mapped out, but I knew that I wanted my children to be raised...

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Celebrate each family member

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2018

Establishing family traditions starting with an easy one!

There is something special about a family that works and acts as a team. Each individual is part of a unit and contributes and benefits from the whole. It warms my heart to see people that work together as a cohesive unit who were basically chosen by Allah to be family.

When I was growing up as the eldest of six children, both my mother and father were present up until I was about 12 years old. Of course the dynamic was different as I was raised as a Christian albeit my family wasn’t that religious, however they did enroll me in a Christian parochial school where I studied and really learned the Bible well, which eventually led me to Islam after studying what Jesus (‘Isa [as]) allegedly preached. However that’s not the reason for today’s post, I want to talk about building culture within your family.

Cultures aren’t only specific to places like countries, cities, states, religions or...

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