True Muslim Stories: Abdullah Part 3

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A pattern developed of coming home late after school and staying out late with “friends”. Coming home smelling like odd fragrances and showing signs of a romantic relationship were apparent and easy for anyone who has lived that lifestyle to see.

Late one night Abdullah received a phone call or a text from his older brother (from a different mother) who informed him that he was going to be with Abdullah’s girlfriend. Abdullah and his brother had always been at odds because Ismaa’eel chose Aaliyah and became Muslim instead of staying with his mother. This type of disrespectful talk isn’t taken easily amongs young men. It’s bad enough that a man tells another man that I’m going to be intimate (in rated G language) with your woman, but his older brother says this already being fully aware of the relationship Abdullah has with her. It goes without saying that the young woman in this triangle wasn’t modest nor did she have much self-respect.

After this communication, Abdullah decides he’s going to do what it takes to teach his older brother a lesson and that messing with his girlfriend is not an option! He grabs a weapon and races from his parent’s house in hopes of finding his brother. His father heard of the drama and went out to find his sons and he eventually found Abdullah in a rage and ready to hurt his brother really bad.

Ismaa’eel tried to calm him down by talking about Islam and what he should be doing instead of chasing some girl. Abdullah fired back that Ismaa’eel wasn’t doing what he was suppose to do either so don’t talk to him about Islam. Abdullah continued and said that he doesn’t believe in Islam and isn’t a Muslim anymore! After an emotional tussling with his father and both of them angry, distraught, and bewildered he managed to calm down and the fight was avoided at that time.

The next morning came and Abdullah was still upset and filled with emotion as he rushed off to school to do know God knows what! Ismaa’eel and Aaliyah sat at their kitchen table and sobbed over what had happened to their little baby boy. The one that they promised to raise in Islam and do whatever it took to keep him on the straight path. They cried, hugged, and made dua for him and promised to do better and try to protect his younger siblings from his negative influence.

Aaliyah was distraught and she began taking the children to the masjid for Sunday school as she did years earlier and Abdullah tagged along a few times in an effort to possibly appease his hurting mother. I saw Ismaa’eel and Abdullah attend a few salatul jumuah prayers for a couple of months before Abdullah disappeared, followed shortly by Ismaa’eel.

We heard that Ismaa’eel’s mother passed and we attended her salatul janazah where we saw the family. It brought back memories from early on when we studied under the same teacher and learned Arabic, which was pretty emotional. There were people who we hadn’t seen since they were babies who were now almost in high school and unfortunately we saw other relatives that accepted Islam but no longer practiced it or called themselves Muslims… It was a sad sight to experience and we hoped that his family would get back on their studies and closer to Islam. Ismaa’eel told me that their main focus was to keep the younger kids from being influenced by Abdullah.

I have suggested some Islamic studies programs for Ismaa’eel and his family but when I’d ask to see if he even registered for the programs, he kept informing me that he hadn’t done it yet. Unfortunately Ismaa’eel and his wife are now dealing with challenges involving their oldest daughter, who is closest in age to Abdullah, because there are concerns about some boy that is pursuing her and she expressing interest…

Don't be AVERAGE, that is simply the TOP of the BOTTOM and the BOTTOM of the TOP!

Remember a WISH changes NOTHING but a DECISION changes EVERYTHING!

jazkAllahu khayr,

Nazir binNaseeb Al-Mujaahid

Author of Muslims Parenting on Purpose Vol. 1

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