Laying the Foundation and Setting High Standards SIX Module Course

This Audio course is not designed simply to try and create or change a certain behavior in your children. Simply having them behave in your presence is not a sign of Outstanding parenting.

It's more than just trying to tame your children but to create deep meaningful relationships with your children and set them up for success going on thru their life

Overview of the Six Module Audio Course,

We cover numerous issues such as:

How to Set Standards that stick

The power of effective communication

How to infuse Islam into daily life using today’s society as an example

How to create FAM goals

Creating a Report Card for family members

How to be productive with your time

How to establish a smooth running household

How to lessen your load thru chores

How to control the Media inside your home

The Importance of Praise and Recognition

How to influence our children

Having more fun with your family

How to deal with outside influence

By the end of listening to this course you will be equipped with the knowledge and strategy to effectively parent in today’s society. You will have learned how to design a customized program that works for your family and set high standards so that you will feel more fulfilled and empowered.