Outstanding Parenting Fundamentals 101 Digital Only Access

This Fundamentals Training includes the following topics;

Module 1.0 - Introduction to Outstanding Parenting Fundamentals  Series – Engage, Equip, and Empower

Module 1.1 - Identity and how to engage your children effectively using our parental roles

Module 1.2 - Equipping our children, Parent's Celebrity Role

Module 1.3 - Empowering foundation, Parent's Celebrity Role, Three stages our children grow through

Module 1.4 - Parent’s Confidant Role, Three stages our children go through

Module 1.5 - Parent’s Coach Role, Three stages our children grow through

Module 2.0 
How our children form belief systems
Finding their motivation
References shaping their perspective

Module 2.1
Spoken Word analysis
Planting seeds of Islam
The Power of Intelligent Questioning

Module 2.2
Exposing Media and Programming
Spoken word analysis
Digging deeper into the 3 Cs
Two Types of Discipline
Module 3.0
Understanding Different Forms of Discipline
Training Discipline
Corrective Discipline
Significance of Communication

Module 3.1
More on Training Discipline
The Art of Listening effectively
Violating the rules

Module 3.2
Corrective Discipline
Staying Balanced & having self-control
Power of words
Body language
The Words “NO” and “STOP”

Module 3.3
Change our physiology
Controlling our anger
Changing our focus
The Islamic way to control our anger

Module 3.4
Physical abuse
Understanding consequences and rewards
Islamic limits of physical punishment
Progressive steps of discipline
Corrective ideas
The Wall
The Plank

Module 3.5
More corrective ideas
Spanking ‘safely’
Avoiding both extremes

Module 3.6
Corrective Discipline review
Controlling your state
Steps of discipline
Using voice effectively